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238,535 km2


About 29 million


English (official language); African languages (e.g. Dagbani, the language of the Dagombas)


71% Christians, 18% Muslims, 5% tribal religions, 6% others

Background: Ghana

From 1896 to 1957, Ghana was a British colony and was called the Gold Coast because it is rich in natural resources. Ghana was the first African country south of the Sahara to achieve independence in 1957. While the south of the country is dominated by Christianity, Islam has been the predominant religion in northern Ghana for centuries. The Dagomba, the largest ethnic group in the north of the country, are for the most part Muslim. Tamale, the largest city in northern Ghana, is also ruled by Islam. Many people are very poor and there are many illiterate people, especially in rural tribal areas.

Call of Hope’s work in Ghana

Call of Hope has been working in northern Ghana for over 30 years, especially among the ethnic groups of the Dagomba and Konkomba. In contrast to the south of the country, northern Ghana is shaped by Islam. The majority of the people here are Muslim. We want to reach these people with the good news of Jesus Christ. In addition, we help poor and needy people, for example with our goat project.

The work of Call of Hope in Ghana

Call of Hope tries to reach the Muslims in Northern Ghana with the message of Jesus Christ in a variety of ways. In word and deed, people should experience that God loves them. This is done, among other things, by:


Bible correspondence courses

Dissemination of evangelistic literature

Humanitarian aid

The goat project

Seminars and training courses

Children’s and youth camps

Church planting

Training of peasant evangelists

Radio mission


Donations for Ghana

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