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The Goat Project

In the goat project of Call of Hope, a female goat is given to a Muslim or Christian family. When this goat gives birth to kids, they can be sold in the market. The proceeds can be used to pay school fees and school materials that the children urgently need for their school education.


Since the goat project was launched, more than 15,000 goats have been distributed to needy children and their families in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. The goat project not only helps poor children – it also creates the unique opportunity to reach Muslim families with the love and gospel of Jesus. 100% of every donation for the goat project is used to finance a goat for a child in a rural area of Africa.


Donations for the goat project:

The implementation of the goat project in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria is made possible by the prayers and donations of our mission friends! If you want to support the goat project of Call of Hope financially, you can do so directly here using the yellow button:

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