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How do you evangelize in a completely Islamic environment?

Sharia prevails in the Islamic north of Nigeria. Christians often experience many challenges in their daily lives. In addition, radical Islamic terror groups like the Boko Haram are constantly harassing or attacking any Christian, Christian’s livelihood or Christian gathering. Missionary work is hardly possible here. Christians in the north of Kenya face the same challenges. The north of Ghana is also completely Muslim, although dangerous, Christians are in less life-threating situations there. Despite all the difficulties, the Call of Hope workers do not want to forego on telling the Muslims in northern Nigeria, northern Kenya and northern Ghana the good news of Jesus Christ. Spreading the good news of Jesus is possible with the help of peasant evangelists.

Church Establishment

Muslims find faith in Jesus

Call of Hope has been involved in missionary work for decades, and over the course of many years, God made it possible for thousands of Muslims to come to faith in Jesus. Many of them were also baptized – a very courageous step. Unfortunately, former Muslims who have found faith in Jesus Christ are very often marginalized and persecuted by their Muslim relatives and those around them. It is all the more important that they are integrated into a Christian community where they experience support and guidance in growing in their faith.

The Internet Project

The future is the internet

The internet and smartphones have now reached the farthest corners of the world. The use of social media is often even more effective in the so-called Third World Countries than in our own country. For example, statistical surveys show that almost 90% of Internet users in the Arab world use social media every day. With all the challenges that come with it, there are also numerous opportunities for the evangelism of Muslims.

The Literature Project

The word of God for Muslims in over 40 languages

As Call of Hope, we want to contribute to the fulfillment of the commandment of Jesus (Matthew 28: 18-20). That is why our focus is on conveying and explaining the word of God to the millions and billions of Muslims worldwide. The core of our work is therefore the scripture mission: On the one hand, our employees distribute many Bibles and parts of the Bible to Muslims. In addition, we distribute numerous evangelistic publications and small books in over 40 languages, in which important fundamentals of the Christian faith and the Bible are presented in an understandable way, especially for Muslims.

The Radio Project

The radio overcomes borders

In most Muslim countries evangelism is only possible under difficult conditions and in some, such as Saudi Arabia, it is almost completely impossible. The employees of Call of Hope in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of Asia must always exercise particular caution when telling Muslims about Jesus Christ. For many years, evangelistic radio broadcasts have therefore been a wonderful additional means of conveying the message of God’s love to Muslims. The radio does not stop at national borders and can be freely received by interested Muslims in the respective regions and via the Internet at any time.

Our School For The Blind

Help for the blind and disabled in Lebanon

The small country of Lebanon has seen a lot of suffering over the past few decades. Civil war, economic crisis, corruption and the civil war in neighboring Syria have caused the country a lot of trouble. Hundreds of thousands of refugees came into the country. Those who cannot help themselves suffer most under these circumstances, for example the disabled and the blind. They are regarded as absolute outsiders in society. Therefore, Call of Hope in Lebanon takes special care of these people.

Sewing Schools

God’s love for Muslim women and girls

Women and girls have a particularly difficult time in Islamic societies. They are often discriminated against. Girls are also often disadvantaged compared to boys in school education and training. Call of Hope offers young women and girls sewing courses which enables them to make a living. Successful completion of the sewing course helps every seamstress to stand on her own two feet in life and earn a living independently.

The School Project

God loves children

God’s love is especially for children, the weakest members of our society. A good school education lays an important foundation for children to have a good start in life and later to stand on their own two feet. But our employees do not only contribute to the good education of the children. Our school projects also offer wonderful opportunities to introduce the children – many of whom come from Muslim homes – to the word of God and the love of Jesus.

Corona Emergency Aid

The corona pandemic since 2020

Since the beginning of 2020, a new type of coronavirus has kept the people and countries of the world in suspense in an unprecedented manner. Many people fell ill with the virus, and unfortunately many died. In addition, in almost all countries, governments have imposed extensive restrictions on public and private life: services and meetings have been restricted or banned; Schools and shops had to close; Exit and contact bans have been issued and a mask requirement has been introduced in many places. Unfortunately, the measures that were intended to reduce the spread of the virus have often led to very negative consequences for the people in other respects – especially in many of the poor countries in which Call of Hope is active.

Aid For Refugees

The misery of the refugees

Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria … The list of countries in which people had to flee from terror, violence and armed conflict is long. Very few make it to the rich west. Hundreds of thousands of refugees fight for survival in the refugee camps in the crisis countries themselves or in neighboring countries. Because of the civil war in Syria, millions of Muslims have fled to neighboring Lebanon. In Iraq, millions of Christians and Muslims had to flee the terror of the Islamic State and are now living in refugee camps in neighboring Jordan or in Iraq itself. The civil war in Darfur has triggered a flood of refugees within Sudan. Many Christians in northern and central Nigeria had to flee their villages because of the Islamist terror.

Medical Help

The holistic love of God

God cares about every part of a person. The alleviation of physical distress is also important to Him. A good example of this is the parable of the Good Samaritan that Jesus told (cf. Luke 10). In most of the world, good medical care is an expensive matter. Large parts of the population cannot afford it. Call of Hope would like to remedy this situation as far as it can. That is why we specifically organize and finance medical aid in rural and poor areas in some of our mission countries.

The Water Project

The water problem in northern Nigeria

Although Nigeria – the most populous country in Africa – has large oil reserves, only a small upper-class benefit from this wealth because of the prevailing corruption. Large parts of the population are impoverished and live in miserable circumstances. In rural areas, there is often a lack of any infrastructure to provide people with basic services – be it roads, hospitals or clean drinking water.

Around 30 million people live in completely Islamic northern Nigeria. The average family in northern Nigeria has as much water available per day as we use to flush the toilet: around 10-12 liter. To get this small amount of water they often have to walk 10-20 km.

The Goat Project

In the goat project of Call of Hope, a female goat is given to a Muslim or Christian family. When this goat gives birth to kids, they can be sold in the market. The proceeds can be used to pay school fees and school materials that the children urgently need for their school education.

Social Media

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