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The School Project

God loves children

God’s love is especially for children, the weakest members of our society. A good school education lays an important foundation for children to have a good start in life and later to stand on their own two feet. But our employees do not only contribute to the good education of the children. Our school projects also offer wonderful opportunities to introduce the children – many of whom come from Muslim homes – to the word of God and the love of Jesus.


Empower children through education

Call of Hope and its staff have started schools or tutoring centers in various countries. In the Islamic north of Kenya, in the middle of the sphere of influence of the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab, we run a Christian primary school. The children of Christian refugees in Nigeria, who had to flee from the terror of the Boko Haram, also get an education. Our tutoring center in North India looks after slum children and thus helps to ensure that young girls are not deported into prostitution. Our high school in Indonesia enables children of the Christian minority to graduate and also guides them in the evangelism of Muslims. Call of Hope also runs school projects in other countries such as Morocco and Lebanon.


Donations for the school project

The school projects of Call of Hope are possible thanks to the prayers and donations of our mission friends! If you want to support the schools of Call of Hope financially, you can do so directly here using the yellow button:

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