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580,367 km2


About 53 million


Swahili and English (official languages); African languages (e.g. Oromo)


83% Christians, 12% Muslims (in the north partly> 90%), 5% tribal religions

Background: Kenya

The Kenyans and also many tourists appreciate the beautiful nature in this country. In the southwest, Kenya borders the mighty Lake Victoria, the largest inland lake in Africa. At the southern border of the country is also the mountain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa at 5,898 meters. Many national parks with fascinating landscapes and beautiful animals can be visited in Kenya. The Islamic north and northeast of Kenya, however, are arid regions. These areas have severe droughts and the people living here often struggle to survive. The radical Islamic terrorist militia Al-Shabaab (Eng. “Youth of Allah”) also cause a lot of terror here. They not only terrorizes the north of the country, but also repeatedly attacks the Christian parts of Kenya.

Call of Hope’s work in Kenya

Kenya is actually considered a Christian country. But the north of the country, especially the border areas with Ethiopia and Somalia, are strictly Islamic. This is also where the country’s greatest poverty prevails. These regions receive special focus of the evangelistic and humanitarian work of Call of Hope. It’s not safe. Quite a few of our volunteers and employees – most of them former Muslims themselves – have already been murdered by Muslim extremists. Nevertheless, despite the dangers of being a Christian, Call of Hope’s volunteers still share the gospel to their unsaved compatriots. Everyone should hear about Jesus.
In addition, Call of Hope coordinates the important Bible correspondence course for Muslims from Kenya, in which many thousands of people from Kenya and neighboring countries take part.

The work of Call of Hope in Kenya

Call of Hope oversees an extensive Bible correspondence course with many thousands of participants in numerous East African countries. In addition, the Islamic North is evangelized in person on site. Humanitarian aid is also provided there. Here is an overview of some of our assignments and projects in Kenya:

Bible Correspondence Course for East Africa

Outreaches to distribute evangelistic literature in the Islamic north of Kenya

Humanitarian aid in famine areas

The goat project

Run a Christian school in northern Kenya with over 400 children


Donations for Kenya

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