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89,342 km2


Approx. 9.5 million (plus approx. 2 million refugees)


Arabic, English


97% Islamic (Sunni)

Background: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Jordan gained independence from Great Britain in 1946 and has been ruled by the Hashemite royal family ever since. King Abdullah II has been regent since 1999. Jordan is one of the few Arab countries that has signed a peace treaty with Israel. On the surface, the people of Jordan are doing much better than those in war-torn neighboring countries like Syria and Iraq. But here, too, trouble lurks beneath the surface. The economic situation is bad. Unlike many countries in the region, Jordan has hardly any oil reserves and is therefore financially weak. In addition, the presence of large numbers of Iraqi and Syrian refugees is a problem for the country. In these difficult circumstances, the many young people in Jordan urgently need the hope and perspectives that the Christian faith gives.

Call of Hope’s work in Jordan

Evangelism is officially prohibited in the Islamic Kingdom of Jordan. It is a completely Islamic country, Christians barely make up 2 percent of the population. Even so, our local staff can hand out and distribute thousands of Christian scriptures or calendars with Bible verses to Muslims in Jordan every year. It happens regularly that the Jordanian secret police stop our employees. Then they have to prove that they only pass on the Christian scriptures and Bibles to Muslims in response to specific requests. The hunger for the Word of God is great among the Muslims in Jordan.

The work of Call of Hope in Jordan

In addition to the important literature work, Call of Hope also regularly helps several thousand Syrian and Iraqi refugee families (Christians and Muslims). These are looked after directly on site in their accommodations as well as in several community centers. The Christian radio broadcasts produced by our Jordanian employees reach the entire Arabic-speaking area via satellite and the Internet.

Humanitarian aid for Syrian and Iraqi refugees

Distributing thousands of Christian scriptures and calendars

Church services for interested refugees, many of them Muslim

Children’s lessons and children’s meetings for Muslim children

Radio broadcasts for the entire Arab world

Spreading the good news among Muslims via Facebook and WhatsApp


Donations for Jordan

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