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The Radio Project

The radio overcomes borders

In most Muslim countries evangelism is only possible under difficult conditions and in some, such as Saudi Arabia, it is almost completely impossible. The employees of Call of Hope in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of Asia must always exercise particular caution when telling Muslims about Jesus Christ. For many years, evangelistic radio broadcasts have therefore been a wonderful additional means of conveying the message of God’s love to Muslims. The radio does not stop at national borders and can be freely received by interested Muslims in the respective regions and via the Internet at any time.


Several hundred million Muslims can be reached

Our evangelistic programs are broadcasted on state, Christian and private radio stations – depending on the local possibilities. The Christian radio broadcasts produced by our Jordanian employees reach the entire Arabic-speaking area via satellite and the Internet. In Morocco we reach the local Berbers in their native language. In Ghana, and in the completely Islamic north of Nigeria, we can broadcast our Bible programs on several radio stations. In Nepal we produce radio programs for the Muslim minority. In Indonesia, too, we can reach Muslims for Jesus with dozens of radio stations across the country. Time and again, our employees receive letters from Muslims who have found faith in Jesus because of the radio broadcasts.


Countries in which the radio project is carried out

Donations for the radio project

The radio work of Call of Hope is made possible by the prayers and donations of our mission friends! If you want to support Call of Hope’s radio project financially, you can do so directly here using the yellow button:

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