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Our School For The Blind

Our School For The Blind

Help for the blind and disabled in Lebanon

The small country of Lebanon has seen a lot of suffering over the past few decades. Civil war, economic crisis, corruption and the civil war in neighboring Syria have caused the country a lot of trouble. Hundreds of thousands of refugees came into the country. Those who cannot help themselves suffer most under these circumstances, for example the disabled and the blind. They are regarded as absolute outsiders in society. Therefore, Call of Hope in Lebanon takes special care of these people.


A training center and a tent school

In 2007 Call of Hope was able to set up a special training center in the Bekaa plateau. Many blind and other disabled Muslims find attention here and are trained in various skills: They learn Braille, receive mobility training, are trained in using computers and learn basket weaving and pottery to make a living. In addition, our on-site team runs a tent school for blind and visually impaired Syrian refugee children in a refugee camp.


Donations for our school for the blind

Call of Hope’s help for the blind and disabled in Lebanon is possible thanks to the prayers and donations of our mission friends! If you want to support Call of Hope’s school for the blind financially, you can do so directly here using the yellow button:

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