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Current reports from our work:

Read here how God repeatedly encourages, equips and strengthens our co-workers. Again and again they experience the miracle that Muslims find a living faith in Jesus Christ. He is still alive today and makes a big difference – as evidenced by the many reports on this site. May you be challenged by our employees and their experiences, but also be encouraged!

This also gives you the opportunity to experience current prayer matters of our staff.

Our News

We are mourning the death of Bro. Abdul

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants. (Psalm…

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Violent Clashes – Pray for Sudan

This past Saturday our co-worker in Khartoum/Sudan, Bro. Amir*, called us. As we spoke to…

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Suffering for Christ

In this season of Easter, we focus our attention in particular on the vicarious suffering…

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Syrian Woman Receives New Life

Ashia was raised in a Sunni Muslim family in Aleppo, Syria. There, at age 16,…

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Comfort in Chaos and Calamity

Brought up to hate Christians Fatima is 46 years old. She is from Daraa/southern Syria.…

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“Jesus Water”

Our co-workers experienced a truly remarkable event in Northern Nigeria. After the local mullah's child…

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A Ramadan Miracle

  Everyday life on the mission field among Muslims poses many challenges. Time and again,…

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Anan from Syria believes in Christ

Since 2019, Lebanon has been going through the worst economic crisis in its history. Some…

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Open Doors amid Turmoil in Sudan

Our local frontline worker in Sudan, Bro. Amir, knows what it means to be arrested,…

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Focus: Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria is in the grip of daily killings and terror. There is an ongoing…

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Hope in Chaos

Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. The Lebanese economy…

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Ministry In Khartoum

In search of fresh ideas God is helping our Frontline Workers in Sudan with a…

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Glimmer of Hope

Civil wars have been raging across Sudan since its independence in 1956. Often, the only…

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Violence, Revolt and Chaos

This is a story with a twist of irony…. It started in Sudan when a…

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God at Work in Sudan

Sudan is the third-largest country in Africa is situated on the northeastern side of the…

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Bro. Gariba announces his faith in Jesus

We thank God for enabling His children to pass on His love in everyday life…

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26 Prostitutes Find True Love in Christ

For a while, the Corona pandemic in India seemed under control. As of February 2021,…

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Ibrahim, the actor, hungers for righteousness

In Nepal, too, there has been a hard lockdown in recent months due to the…

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Police Protection

Our co-worker in Northern India, Bro. Faizan, has a day clinic, in which patients can be treated…

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Sharing Love While Tutoring Children

There are several reasons why Muslim children living in the slums in India are often unable…

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Christians helping Muslims for FREE? Unheard of!

Our Frontline Workers are always looking for ways to reach people with the gospel. India…

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Lebanon – One Blow After The Other!

It is now a little over 7 weeks since the catastrophic explosion rocked Beirut and…

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Training to be a Suicide Bomber – He Found Christ Instead

Asgar was raised in a strict Muslim family and finished his University Studies last year.…

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Sewing Schools in Corona Time

Millions of migrant workers and day labourers are starving. People in the slums are forced…

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We did not like to fight!

God is working in people’s hearts even during the uncertainties of COVID-19, just as He…

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India and the Corona-Crisis

  India, like many other countries, is being very hard hit by COVID-19! The shutdowns…

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Spotlight – India

The average person from the West who visits India usually falls within one of two…

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Made Whole in Christ Jesus

With all that is going on in the world today, it can bring us peace…

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God’s Word is Changing People

Many Syrian refugees are showing interest in Jesus. A few years ago, Salwa, a Syrian…

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Spotlight – Lebanon

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East. It is bordered by Syria to the…

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How a goat changed a whole village

In order to help the children in rural African villages, Farmer Evangelists introduced The Goat Project. A…

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Relational Evangelism in Africa

In Ghana and Nigeria, Call of Hope has found a culturally appropriate way to connect…

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Spotlight – Nigeria

Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Christians, who live mostly in the southern part…

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Who Is Call of Hope?

For more than a century, Call of Hope has been reaching Muslims for Christ by…

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