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Violent Clashes – Pray for Sudan

This past Saturday our co-worker in Khartoum/Sudan, Bro. Amir*, called us. As we spoke to him, we could hear the sounds of gunfire and explosions in the background.

He said, “Please pray for us. This is war. Right here where we are the shooting is taking place. We cannot leave our place. Please pray that none of our co-workers and converts will come into harm’s way. May God in His mercy bring all fighting to an end.

For several days now already, fighting has been ongoing between the regular Sudanese army and the paramilitary organisation RSF (Rapid Support Forces). The army is under the command of general Abdelfattah Burhan, while the RSF are led by Mohammed Daglo, who is also known by the name of Hemeti.

Just now, we received another very concerning message from Bro. Amir:

Very urgently pray for us. Shooting has happened right at our church. Parts of the church are on fire. My church office has also caught fire. The clashes are ongoing. There is no electricity and no running water. People have to hide in their homes.”

At this point, nobody knows how things will further develop. The conflict may easily turn into a long and bloody civil war. We are requesting all our mission friends and prayer partners to pray for Sudan. We all greatly rejoiced because of all the evangelistic opportunities the Lord granted to our co-workers during the past few years, since the toppling of Omar al-Bashir’s dictatorship! May God grant peace to the country of Sudan, protect all people from harm and keep the doors for the gospel wide open.

Please pray:

  • That a permanent ceasefire will soon be agreed on and implemented and the conflict between the army and the RSF will be resolved
  • That God will protect Bro. Amir, his family and all our co-workers and converts
  • That God will graciously keep the doors for the gospel open in Sudan

*Name change for security reasons

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