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Aid For Refugees

The misery of the refugees

Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria … The list of countries in which people had to flee from terror, violence and armed conflict is long. Very few make it to the rich west. Hundreds of thousands of refugees fight for survival in the refugee camps in the crisis countries themselves or in neighboring countries. Because of the civil war in Syria, millions of Muslims have fled to neighboring Lebanon. In Iraq, millions of Christians and Muslims had to flee the terror of the Islamic State and are now living in refugee camps in neighboring Jordan or in Iraq itself. The civil war in Darfur has triggered a flood of refugees within Sudan. Many Christians in northern and central Nigeria had to flee their villages because of the Islamist terror.


God’s love and God’s word for refugees

Wherever possible, the staff of the Carmel Mission try to alleviate the misery of the refugees, depending on their means by distributing:

  • Food,
  • Clothes, shoes,
  • Mattresses, blankets and heating agents,
  • Medical help,
  • School education for refugee children,

In particular, we bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the refugees. This happens in personal conversation, through church services and through the distribution of Bibles, evangelistic scriptures and Christian calendars. Many Muslim refugees have already found faith in Jesus Christ!


Donations for refugee aid

Our help for refugees is made possible by donations from our mission friends! If you also want to support Call of Hope’s refugee aid financially, you can do so directly here using the yellow button:

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