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Our purpose

is to equip and encourage individuals and churches to become passionate prayer partners for the ministry of Call of Hope around the world. Call of Hope SA will provide insightful yet sensitive information to all its prayer partners about the projects and ministry needs of Call of Hope worldwide, with a clear focus on Muslim evangelism.

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All marked countries on the map show the primary areas of activity of Call of Hope. We would like to present our work in the blue countries in more detail. Simply click on the respective country to view details about it.

Join the herd, together we can make a difference…

“The Herd” is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to reshape entire Islamic regions of Africa with the simple gift of a goat. Now it’s easier than ever to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ to Muslims while also providing the means to end poverty, persecution and offer an education to many.

Recent News

Focus: Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria is in the grip of daily killings and terror. There is an ongoing…

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Hope in Chaos

Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the worst crises in its history. The Lebanese economy…

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Ministry In Khartoum

In search of fresh ideas God is helping our Frontline Workers in Sudan with a…

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Glimmer of Hope

Civil wars have been raging across Sudan since its independence in 1956. Often, the only…

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