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The Literature Project

The word of God for Muslims in over 40 languages

As Call of Hope, we want to contribute to the fulfillment of the commandment of Jesus (Matthew 28: 18-20). That is why our focus is on conveying and explaining the word of God to the millions and billions of Muslims worldwide. The core of our work is therefore the scripture mission: On the one hand, our employees distribute many Bibles and parts of the Bible to Muslims. In addition, we distribute numerous evangelistic publications and small books in over 40 languages, in which important fundamentals of the Christian faith and the Bible are presented in an understandable way, especially for Muslims.

Correspondence Bible courses for tens of thousands of Muslims

Every year our more than 200 employees distribute tens of thousands of evangelistic scriptures and Bibles to Muslims worldwide. These are usually printed in the respective country itself – sometimes this has to be done secretly and underground. Our correspondence centers in Africa and Asia look after tens of thousands of participants in our correspondence Bible courses as well as interested Muslims who want to learn more about the Bible and the Christian faith. Our pocket and wall calendars with printed Bible verses are particularly suitable for passing on to Muslims.


Donations for evangelistic literature

Printing the literature work of Call of Hope is made possible by the prayers and donations of our mission friends! If you want to support the printing and distribution of literature of Call of Hope financially, you can do so directly here using the yellow button:

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