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How do you evangelize in a completely Islamic environment?

Sharia prevails in the Islamic north of Nigeria. Christians often experience many challenges in their daily lives. In addition, radical Islamic terror groups like the Boko Haram are constantly harassing or attacking any Christian, Christian’s livelihood or Christian gathering. Missionary work is hardly possible here. Christians in the north of Kenya face the same challenges. The north of Ghana is also completely Muslim, although dangerous, Christians are in less life-threating situations there. Despite all the difficulties, the Call of Hope workers do not want to forego on telling the Muslims in northern Nigeria, northern Kenya and northern Ghana the good news of Jesus Christ. Spreading the good news of Jesus is possible with the help of peasant evangelists.

Agricultural specialists as missionaries

Many of our peasant evangelists are former Muslims themselves who now believe in Jesus. Call of Hope provides them with training in advanced agricultural methods. High quality seeds are also made available to them. Then they are sent to a completely Islamic village in northern Nigeria or Ghana to live there as farmers. They are tasked to establish contacts and friendships with the local Muslim population and point them to Jesus Christ. In the north of Kenya, more than a thousand small farmers support our missionary work. Thanks to the farmer evangelists of Call of Hope, many small village churches have already emerged.


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