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Syrian Woman Receives New Life

Ashia was raised in a Sunni Muslim family in Aleppo, Syria. There, at age 16, she was introduced to her husband, before moving away from her home village to his. Ashia’s husband began to work outside of the country, leaving her frequently to raise their family alone. Life was very difficult for Ashia as the fanatic Muslim community was controlling virtually every aspect of her life. This made her question not only her faith, but also her way of living!

Ashia knew nothing about Christians except that they “worship an idol called Jesus.” And when she would question aspects of Christianity, she was simply told that “Christians were infidels” and then was forbidden to ask anymore0.

Ashia grew upset, as more and more restrictions were imposed. She said: “in my husband’s village, it was forbidden to wear a coloured dress…it was forbidden to hold a purse, and so on. Things became so restrictive that I began to hate my religion, and even my country Syria!”

But she had nowhere else to go, so she stayed in Aleppo and served her family.

Then, the war in Syria began. Ashia had to flee with her children. They made the treacherous journey to Lebanon where they re-joined her husband.

After five years in a refugee camp, the family was finally able to settle in Zahle. That is where they heard about the Christians from Call of Hope for the first time. Now she could see what Christians were really like!

In her new community, Ashia still faced persecution from local Muslims who were criticizing her every move. Things got worse when Ashia sent her daughters to a Christian school, even though they had not yet set foot in a Christian church. But when Ashia heard about weekly women’s meetings at the church she decided to find out for herself what it was about.

Ashia joins our weekly women’s ministry meetings

Sister Sara, one of our leading frontline workers in Lebanon, noticed that Ashia began faithfully coming to the weekly meetings. Finally, Sis. Sara was able to meet with Ashia and hear her story.

A refugee mother brings her children to the Call of Hope center for a day of Bible studies, life-saving aid, and Christian literature.

Ashia explained where she came from and what her family had endured. She told of her limited experience with Christians and her desire to know more. Then, she said that the love for Muslims attributed to Call of Hope was both tangible and real, making her more curious.

She continued to attend church services and women’s meetings. She had many discussions with former Muslims and COH leaders about Jesus. They answered her questions, and she was able to see how they genuinely loved and cared for her! Then, last year she made the ultimate decision to follow Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Today, Ashia is attending church and women’s meetings, studying God’s Word, enjoying fellowship with others, and growing in her new life in Christ!

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