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Police Protection

Our co-worker in Northern India, Bro. Faizan, has a day clinic, in which patients can be treated free of charge. With the day clinic he also runs a tutoring center for children. The center supports children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in their schooling in order for them to find a way out of the devil’s circle of poverty. Lots of these children from Muslim background – and their family members – have already been helped and some have found faith in Jesus.





Each year, just before Christmas, a celebration is held in the center for the students and their family members. On 22 December the students and their families were once again invited to come for the celebration. It was a happy celebration! Christian songs were sung, and the students performed various choreographies that they had rehearsed. Bro. Faizan used the opportunity to share the Christmas story from Luke 2 with the mostly Muslim crowd. In the end, snacks, small gifts as well as Calendars with Bible Verses from Call of Hope were distributed as usual.

Unfortunately, the Christmas celebration did not occur without contention. A reporter from a local Muslim TV Station, who has often opposed the work of Bro. Faizan in the past, entered the room where the celebration was being held with two cronies, and began to cause trouble. More of their Muslim friends joined them, and things escalated. The mob started harassing and beating our co-workers. The guests screamed and the children cried.


Suddenly, a group of police officers entered the scene. Someone must have informed the authorities. Once the police had silenced the troublemakers, they asked Bro. Faizan what was going on and he explained what had happened. The police then told the mob of Muslims that they had to leave the grounds. Under the protection of the police, the Christmas celebration was still able to continue and end in a proper manner.

Bro. Faizan said: “We thank God that He did not let Satan ruin our whole Christmas celebration. He sent us police officers who protected us like angels. The Muslims tried to stir the police up against us as well, but they did not succeed. God protected us from a very bad situation.”



Wherever God blesses, resistance is often also evident. Let us continue to pray for Bro. Faizan and his team, that God will continue to protect them, and that He will bless the work in the Tutoring Centre so that it can continue in the year ahead.

Please Pray for our Frontline Workers:

  • Praise: The Lord for His miraculous protection through the police officers.
  • Praise: God for the Medical Clinic, where Muslims receive free medical care, but also the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray: That God will continue to open Muslim hearts to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

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