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Sharing Love While Tutoring Children

There are several reasons why Muslim children living in the slums in India are often unable to finish their schooling. Many, not even going to school in the first place!

  1. Their parents aren’t able to bring in enough money, so they will keep their children home to work in the Cigarette factories.
  2. Many of the parents themselves never went to school and they don’t know how important it is for their children to go.
  3. Traditionally, in the Muslim world, it isn’t at all important for the girls to have any education. And they are more often married off while they are still very young.
  4. A very big issue in India is sex trafficking. Poor parents are offered money to sell their daughters to people who will use them for prostitution.

Because of this, our Frontline Workers offer free tutoring for these children. 
And explain to the parents how important an education is!
In this way, we are able to help almost 100 children and their families, sharing the love of God with many people.

In the slums, not too far from one of our Frontline Workers, lives one of these families. The father works in a Cigarette Factory and he has one wife, two daughters, and a son. Both of his daughters are being tutored in our free program. When he brought his girls to our program, he was struck by our service and love for him and his family. He received some of our literature and was invited to our meetings. He has become very interested in what we are doing and wants to learn more about Jesus.


Another man who has become interested in learning more about Jesus through our love and care works as a day laborer in the construction industry. He has a wife, three daughters, and two sons.

They live in a slum-like village and he is illiterate. He came to know of us through our free clinic, but he at first wouldn’t come to the clinic because he didn’t want to come in contact with Christians. He sent rather his wife to bring his children for medical care.

One day, he himself became ill and he had no choice but to come to the clinic. He had a very low opinion of Christians, but, as he watched how we cared for each of the people who came in for help, his opinion changed drastically. His curiosity was stirred up through our love, warmth, and care, and he keeps in contact with us wanting to know more about Jesus Christ. He also sends his children to our tutoring program so that they can succeed in their schooling.

We praise the Lord for opening people’s hearts up to His love through this tutoring program, and we thank each of you for your prayers and support as we endeavor to reach more and more Muslims with the Gospel of Christ.


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