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Christians helping Muslims for FREE? Unheard of!

Our Frontline Workers are always looking for ways to reach people with the gospel. India has many slums with millions of poor people. These people are unable to afford the basic comforts of life, let alone medical care. This opened the door for us to open a free clinic where these poor families are able to come and get the medical care they need.

Each Monday, patients will line up waiting their turn to be helped. Here they receive free check-ups and even medication when needed. Since 2017, when our clinic was opened, we have been able to help thousands and thousands of patients.

Through the grace of God, we are able to have a much wider reach than just the patients that we are helping. The clinic and the work that we do is spoken about all throughout the area. For the Muslims living in the slums, this is something completely new and unheard of. Christian medical personal helping Muslims for free? Even though the Christians are hated in these villages. Unheard of!

Not only do we pass on the love of God practically, we are also able to distribute evangelistic literature to every patient who can read.

The literature is gladly accepted. We have also been able to organize meetings for our patients and their relatives. We start these meetings with presentations on health issues. Our doctor will give tips for a good and healthy lifestyle. Then, one of our Frontline Workers will preach the gospel. This is a great opportunity for us to tell the people about Jesus Christ. We explain to them that we like to help them in their need because we learn from Jesus to love people. He teaches us to love our neighbours as we do ourselves.

We explain to them that God Himself loves them and would be very happy to accept them as His children, the Muslims listen to this message eagerly. There is, however, increasingly stronger resistance against our clinic from the mullahs and Muslim leaders in the villages.

Please pray for the work there in the slums of India, for continued open doors to share the love of Christ with all those around!

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