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Relational Evangelism in Africa

In Ghana and Nigeria, Call of Hope has found a culturally appropriate way to connect with the people – Farmer Evangelism. Thanks to the rich agricultural area that makes up much of the land of these countries, most of the villagers are farmers.

The Farmer Evangelist Project has been remarkably successful. Many churches have been planted and dozens Farmer Evangelists have been placed in villages across the region. Our Farmer Evangelists are trained in effective small-scale agricultural production as well as Christian ministry, which they use to assist their neighbors and eventually start conversations about Jesus. As Muslim neighbors notice their crop yields, our Farmer Evangelists are able to plant seeds of the gospel. How does this work?

Together with their wives and children, our Farmer Evangelists move into remote Muslim villages in completely undeveloped regions without running water or electricity. They begin by planting crops on a leased plot of land, as the crops begin to grow, nearby villagers take notice of the success that these farmers are having, and conversations begin.

Curiosity about fertiliser and farming methods leads to relational evangelism and our Farmer Evangelists are able to present the Gospel message to Muslim farmers. The very Muslims, some of whom have murdered Christians and destroyed their homes, ask them for help. When enough villagers come to faith in Christ, a church is established in the area and Farmer Evangelists are sent out to other nearby villages to start the process again.

As the Gospel message continues to spread and Muslims that are searching for the truth are coming to faith in Christ, Call of Hope has made discipleship training a priority. Every two months, the farmer evangelists gather together for a time of encouragement and training in the Word of God. Despite strong opposition, the Good News of Jesus Christ is setting villagers free who were once bound by the chains of Islam.

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