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God’s Word is Changing People

Many Syrian refugees are showing interest in Jesus. A few years ago, Salwa, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, started to participate in the Bible studies and women’s studies provided by our co-workers.  She came to find faith in Christ, and talked about the possibility of being baptised, but said that she was very sure her husband, Samer, would also find faith in Jesus. So, she decided to wait to take that step of baptism together with him.

Samer, however, was not at all positive toward his wife. He was constantly discontented, mistreated Salwa and often mentioned that he wanted to divorce her. He did not care about his family at all.

Our co-workers started to visit Salwa in her simple rented room to study the Bible together. Since the room was quite small, Samer was, in a way, forced to listen to the biblical interpretations. But he didn’t show any interest whatsoever. Still, every week, our co-workers would faithfully visit.

When the economic crisis in Lebanon began in October 2019, Samer was no longer able to work. In complete frustration, he started to read the Bible for hours. Now, every time our co-workers visited, Samer had new questions to ask, he wanted to know more and more about Jesus and started to regularly attend the church services.

Samer did find a living faith in Jesus Christ and his life changed completely! He now takes care of his wife and children. For the first time, his children know what it means to have a loving father.

At the end of 2019, Samer, Salwa and two of their daughters were able to get baptised!

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