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26 Prostitutes Find True Love in Christ

For a while, the Corona pandemic in India seemed under control. As of February 2021, new cases had dropped to a new low and restrictions had been eased all around. The Indian government had declared the pandemic to be basically over. Unfortunately, since March cases have soared again and in some places the health infrastructure has been overwhelmed. Many of Call of Hope’s Indian frontline workers and converts have also reported falling ill with COVID. We encourage all our prayer partners to continue to pray for this difficult situation.

While as of now new lockdown measures have been imposed, making physical outreaches more difficult for the time being, during the last couple of months gospel ministry among Muslims has been running smoothly. One of our co-workers, Bro. Asad*, whose team is entertaining an extensive ministry among Muslims across seven northern Indian states, reports: “We have never before seen so many Muslims come to Christ!” For the month of March, Bro. Asad’s team has reported 158 baptisms of former Muslims, who are now following Christ.




One of them is Salma* from the state of West Bengal. She shared her testimony with us:

“I have been in the prostitution business for the last 14 years. I was a prostitution agent and I used to bring women to customers. I never wanted to do this terrible type of work – no woman wants to be in it – but poverty and circumstances pushed me into it.

“Our ‘business’ was going well – until the COVID pandemic happened, and we had to shut down. While I struggled to make ends meet, I benefitted from Call of Hope’s COVID relief programme. The woman co-worker Sis. Begum* who talked to me asked me about my line of work. I honestly shared with her about the prostitution I was involved in. She did not despise me – but instead told me about Jesus and His pure love for all people, irrespective of who we are and what we have done. Then she gave me a Bible and offered to help me find a different type of work. I gladly accepted this offer.

“I started reading the Bible and kept in contact with Sis. Begum. I was so impressed with the teachings from the Bible. The story of the sinful women in the gospel who received forgiveness from Jesus deeply touched me. By August of last year, I was ready and accepted Christ into my life.

“I couldn’t keep the message for myself – I shared it with the other sex workers around me. Overall, 26 women prostitutes have until now believed in Christ and have received forgiveness and joy for a new life.

“This past March we were baptized. Please pray for us.”

The Bible says: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” (Rom. 1:16)

*Name has been changed for security reasons

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